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Short Code and Long Code

Short Code

Short code is one of the most effective and popular way which gives multiple advantages that brings to our business. Our Short Code Service is fully automated online based control panel that helps you to reach your customers immediately and our user friendly interface is used to solve the complexity of short code management. You can manage your reply for each & every keyword and sub-keyword. Export can be managed for real time reports in excel format.

On the basis of accessibility, there is two types of short code i.e.

Dedicated short code SMS services:

This special short code Service generates numbers that are used to assign for special purpose. Subscriber orders a dedicated code to you and then it will work only on your selected API, no one can share these short code in any way. Short Code is 5 or 6 digit virtual number which are easy to remember.

Random or shared short code SMS services:

As the name suggest when the short code assigned to you, you can not review the database. A common short code is assigned for entire business and is sharable among several user of an application. If your company name is ABC Ltd and you took a keyword say ABC on our short code, when your customers send SMS from any mobile with a particular coded language i.e (find "yourname"), they will get a automatic instant reply which is set by you.

Long Code:

Long codes are one of the most efficient and innovative tools used for marketing in order to enhance their company's revenue. Long code is a 10 digit long virtual unique code as mobile number which can be used to communicate and connect with customers.

Long codes can be used in different ways:


One can call or vote on a particular subject with the help of this unique long code.

Community information or Chats:

Long codes are used for creating chat rooms, fan clubs etc. for subscribers to Media sectors.

Examination Results:

Sometimes long codes are provided to subscribers, which will help them to know their examination results by texting or by calling on these long codes.

Other Information:

Subscribers can get the information they required only by clicking or calling these codes.

Short Code and Long Code Features:

1. Easy to remember
2. Auto reply at lightening speed
3. Free auto reply SMS
4. Web-hook / API Support
5. Unlimited sub keywords
6. Email/Mobile Alerts
7. Best tool for lead generation
8. Extended client reach and improved customer loyalty
9 Rapidly enable wireless applications and services
10. Lower customer service costs
11. Differentiate product and service offerings
12. Improve information channel for customers
13. Live Support