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Bulk E-mail Service

Bulk mail is generally used for corporate, business or advertising mail. Bulk Email service is used when one mail is sent to multiple addresses. Bulk email service is most popular for business uses, rather than personal uses. Bulk emailing is mostly utilized by companies for marketing of their product, to send promotion to their customer, to send newsletters and for campaign. We are trusted bulk email service provider. Our bulk email service can be accessible as both directly on your laptop computer or online. We provide you mass email software, by which you can get quick access to bulk email sender list.

Emss offers platform of comprehensive email marketing services such as strategic planning, implementation, management, design and copyright that helps us to reach our prospective client. Our Bulk E-mail services help you in product promotion, looking for new dealers, agents, channel partners, newsletters and new product introductions. We offer you better control over your email marketing campaign strategies. . Managed correctly, bulk email service is the most convenient, efficient and economical way for businesses communication with their existing customers and to find out new customers. We have the experience and skill to make sure that your email campaign reaches its target and delivers. It is extremely cost-effective if you want to reach a large customer base. It streamlines the entire marketing communication structure.

Bulk E-mail Features

1. Spam free Emails: Advertise knowing you will never be accused of SPAMMING Not one SPAM complaint ever.
2. Manage Email IDs/Group.
3.Sender Name: Unlimited (FREE).
4. Reply email: End User set reply email at their end.
5. Getting sent report: View Sent Report by Date Search. We can track, how many users view promotional emails. With incoming IP address details.
6. Email Id Database also available (All over INDIA) : Complimentary Available
7. Attachment Facility Validity : Unlimited
8. Validity: Unlimited
9. Bulk Email Software: FREE (You have to only purchase credits of email).
10. E-mail goes out by itself: We do not attach other ads to your email, so that the receiving party only has your advertisement to look at.
11. Bulk email message send with one click: Our simple system just requires you to input your subject and message in the text box and click the send button, thatís it.
12. Save your messages: Our system allows all members to save bulk email messages in memory, so that you will not lose your top ad for any of your websites.
13. No crazy pop-ups: Emss has zero pop-ups which make Bulk email marketing easy.

14. Preview all Messages: Preview allows you to check all messages before they are emailed. Something does not look right, fix it before you send.
15. Easy to use interface that works from our own server: Emss gives you friendly interface system